The Fairfield Rotary Club was organized January 23, 1920, by Dr. J. Fred Clarke.  Founding members include: Robert F. Wilson, Dillon Turney, Art G. Jordan, O. F. Fryer, Ed. C. Bock,  H.A. Anspach, David Cassatt, C.W. Wade, Walter Hughes, R. H. Maxwell, H.C. Stevenson, Charles Fulton, Charles Heer, Donald McGiffin, J.E. Ireland, Charles Carter, J. Fred Clark, R. Ames Montgomery, J.C. Thorne, and Fred Hunt.  The first officers were Dr. J. Fred Clark, President; A.G. Jordan, Vice President; David Cassatt, Secretary.

It was Fairfield's own William Louden who first introduced the concept of make-up meetings to the Denver International Convention in 1926. His resolution read,

"When a member is away from home and is thereby unable to attend a meeting of his club, he shall have the privilege of making up his attendance by attending a meeting of another club during the six day interim preceding said meeting, as well as during the six day interim after the meeting."

This resolution was adopted, and is still in effect throughout the entire Rotary organization.

A tradition that began in 1926 was the annual Christmas Parade, with Santa carried in a sleigh drawn by four horses carrying treats for local children.  Today, Fairfield Rotarians donate their time on Christmas Eve to bring Santa to the town square and Jefferson County Health Center bringing cheer to children of all ages.

Fairfield Rotarian, Roy Louden was District Governor for the year 1931-1932. 

During the depression years,  the club provided milk for under-nourished children in the Fairfield schools. 

It has been a custom dating from the 1950's to pass the hat to start a bank account for any Rotarians's new offspring.

In 1989, the club honored Fred Flinspach for his perfect attendance by making him the club's first Paul Harris fellow.  Later that year, the club gave Dr. Larry Nash the same honor. 

The Fairfield Club celebrated its 50th anniversary on February 23, 1970 with President Larry Nash presiding.  A special award was established and announced that evening honoring secretary for 38 years, Bill Stever, "Fairfield's Mr. Rotary," the William Stever Rotary Scholarship for a local high school senior going on to college.  The sum of $1000 was set aside to provide a $300.00 annual scholarship for at least three years.  This program has continued and currently the club gives three $1500 scholarship each year to graduating seniors.

The foreign student exchange started in 1968 and has continued to the present time.

In November, 1988, the club inducted its first female members; Sue Buch, Barb Nixon and Linda Petit.  Barb Nixon became the first female president July 1, 1995.

In May of 2012, the Rotary Club of Fairfield, Iowa initiated a new Rotaract Club which formed on the MUM campus.  This is the third club in Iowa.  Other Rotaract Clubs in Iowa are located at  the University of Iowa, Iowa City and Iowa State University, Ames. 
Founding Rotaract Officers are, Don Brathwaite, President, Samira Abdelrahman, Vice President,  Lindsay Taylor, Secretary, Ray Scheller, Treasurer, and Joshua Laraby, Public Relations.  

President Seve Beltramea presents the intiation certificate to Club President, Don Brathwaite.  Rotarian, Beth Alonzo, (far left) is Committee Chair for the Rotaract Club.

Paul Harris Fellows:

  • Naya Raj Baral
  • Andrew Bargerstock
  • Steve Beltramea
  • Connie Boyer
  • Sue Buch
  • Deb Cardin
  • Gene Copeland, PHF+1
  • Linn Cornick
  • Judy Cox, PHF+1
  • Doug Flournoy, PHF+8, Paul Harris Society
  • Craig Foss, PHF+1
  • Myron Gookin
  • Sallie Hayes, PHF+1
  • Ginny Hughes
  • Patrick Hurley
  • Jodi Kerr, PHF+1
  • Gene Luedtke, PHF+1
  • Ed Malloy
  • Amber Stump McDowell
  • Francis Mosse, PHF+3
  • Larry Nash, PHF+2
  • Gene Parker
  • Jim Pedrick
  • Linda Pettit, PHF+1        Doug Flournoy (r) receives #5.
  • Dave Reiff, PHF+3
  • Jim Rubis, PHF+1
  • Earl Shepard, PHF+1                                       
  • Linda Stallone, PHF+1
  • John Stever               
  • Chet Swanson, PHF+3

Peace Scholar from District 60000

Cilia Maria Ruiz-Paz was born in 1985 in Barranquilla, Colombia, South America. When she was eight years old, her family moved to Fairfield, Iowa.  Cilia's introduction to the Rotary Club of Fairfield came in 2003 when she applied to become a Rotary Youth Exchange student and she landed in Mortagne-au-Perche, Normandy.  Cilia returned from France, graduated from Fairfield High School and attended Iowa State University where she acquired double majors in psychology and international studies, and double minors in criminal justice and French, while in the ISU Honors Program.  Her education and experiences led to her first professional position at the command center of the INTERPOL National Central Bureau in Washington.  Cilia's Rotary International Peace Fellowship year was completed at the International Christian University in Japan with academic emphasis on international organization law and security. 



      Larry Nash celebrates 50 years!
July 2014


Emceed by Linda Pettit, friends came from all over Iowa to give Larry a good roast.

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